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Back in 2011 Natasha was running a PR firm where she was helping female entrepreneurs gain media exposure through public relations. She noticed that whenever groups of female entrepreneurs got together, they would start exchanging best practices and other business tips. They had a lot of questions and complained about not being able to find the information anywhere. Natasha, a known news junkie and avid reader of magazines, asked them why they didn’t just read Inc. or Entrepreneur. The women told her that they didn’t feel like those magazines were for them – those magazines were geared toward men. This revelation inspired Natasha to go out and search for a magazine designed to help women launch and grow startups. There were none. She put together a team of writers and launched the first prototypes of Lioness Magazine. What started as a local, maybe regional publication quickly grew to gain national and global attention. Women from all over wanted to be featured. Fast forward to 2014 and lionessmagazine.com was born. Dawn came on as co-founder and CEO in 2015 and the rest is history.


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