WIT Breakfast – From Laughter to Leadership

Valley Venture Mentors 1500 Main Street, Springfield, MA

Enjoy Coffee Tea, light breakfast fare and join us to help build a thriving ecosystem for Women Innovators and Trailblazers in Western Mass. From Laughter to Leadership – Learn the ‘comical’ things we can do to find new success. The journey to success is no laughing matter. There are challenges, opportunities and stories at each stage of the game. Pam Victor, Founder/President of Happier Valley Comedy will share her thoughts about the productive use of laughter in our complex journey to success. In an interactive improv style, Pam will offer new skills to ‘quiet the inner critic’ while developing empowering strategies for turning challenges to opportunities. You will truly get the last laugh in this session- when you define ways to overcome unknown setbacks and situations.

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