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Each of us already has everything we need to achieve all of our goals. We really do. Sometimes we just need someone to help us:

• uncover our true passions and our purpose in life.
• tap into our inner potential and confidence.
• cut through all of the noise so that we can get clarity around our dreams.
• eliminate fear, doubt and distractions.
• hold us accountable and challenge us to go farther than we ever imagined.
• develop us into powerful and effective leaders and communicators.

Lioness Members Get A Free 30-Minute Strategy Session

Lioness gives you the latest news each day to launch and grow your business – from how tos, events for women and opportunities to find funding or new customers. I want to ask you something: How much of it have you actually implemented? You see, some of those pesky things we named above such as fear, doubt and being held accountable get in the way of moving us forward. And the thing is, we don’t usually call the distractions by what they truly are, we tend to use other placating phrases like, “I’m too busy” or “I wear so many hats” or “I’m spending my time on making money.” Meanwhile, you’re not making the money you should be and you’re missing new opportunities.

There’s nothing I find more special and gratifying than helping people develop a sense of their own power and pushing them to SHOW UP in life – to be the person they were meant to be in the world and to live the life they were meant to live.

Lioness is offering women entrepreneurs a free strategy session to help you achieve your goals and overcome limiting beliefs. You’ll receive a free private, 30-minute one-on-one call with me to chat about where you currently are, where you want to go and how you can get there. To snatch a time slot for yourself, sign up to be a member and we’ll send you an email with the registration link.

Unleash the Lioness Within!

Talk soon,
– Coach Dawn

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