Entrepreneur Of The Day: Benét J. Wilson

It’s Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week and Lioness is celebrating by highlighting a woman making waves in aviation. Today we’re celebrating Benét J. Wilson, owner and editor-in-chief of Aviation Queen LLC, headquartered in Baltimore, Md.


Entrepreneur Of The Day: Terri S. Alpert Of Uno Alla Volta

What goes in to launching a national direct to consumer company? Today we talk with Terri S. Alpert, CEO and founder of Uno Alla Volta.


Entrepreneur Of The Day: Kristin Wald

Shower Sidekick Founder Kristin Wald talks about launching a startup in college, the process of getting it to market and her journey as an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneur Of The Day: Jashoda Madhavji

Rising celebrity publicist Jashoda Madhavji is the founder of Dream N Hustle Media in Bombay, India. Check out why she’s our Entrepreneur of the Day.


Entrepreneur Of The Day: Farah Allen of Song Society App

Farah Allen is the CEO of Song Society App. Today she is talking about what her app is doing for music and what she hopes people will say about her product.


Entrepreneur Of The Day: Julia Wackenheim-Gimple

Julia Wackenheim-Gimple fell in love with acting as a teen in New Jersey, now the LA-based actress is executive producing her own web series, “F’d.”


Entrepreneur Of The Day: Qakestry Catering

We speak with Cincinnati entrepreneur Quianna Thompson of Qakestry Catering about why she got started, lessons she’s learned and where she’s headed.


Entrepreneur Of The Day: Christie Cook of Avery Verse Bag Co

Christie Cook founded Avery Verse Bag Co in Sydney, Australia in July 2016. Today she’s chatting with us about luxury bags and starting a business.


Entrepreneur of the Day: Buunni Coffee

Sabrina Prabasi of Buunni Coffee chats about cofounding a startup and Ethiopia, the birthplace of some of the world’s best coffee beans.


Entrepreneur of the Day: Leslie Pierson

Pierson created GoodHangups, a magnetic hanging solution for posters, photos and more. Tonight she debuts on ABC’s Shark Tank.