CEO, Dawn Leaks

In 2015 Dawn Leaks became a cofounder, CEO and resident Life Coach at Lioness, the premiere resource for female entrepreneurs. Read her complete bio.

Publisher, Natasha Zena

Natasha Zena is cofounder and Publisher of Lioness, a startup and the leading digital outlet for female entrepreneurs. Learn more inside.

Chief Marketing Officer, Cheryl A. Ronzoni

Cheryl A. Ronzoni has worked in nonprofit management and communications for more than 16 years. Her background includes marketing and fundraising. Read on…

Art Director, Allison Biggs

Allison Biggs, cofounder of Business Betties, is the art director behind Lioness Magazines popular covers. Learn more about Allison and her work.

Contributing Writer, Dr. Priscilla Archangel

Dr. Priscilla Archangel is a seasoned leadership consultant, executive coach, author, speaker, and teacher. Continuing for more on here specialities.

Contributing Writer, Denáe Hough

As principal of The Financial Boutique LLC, Denáe Hough is a self-proclaimed chic geek, loving all things related to numbers. Get to know this money queen.

Contributing Writer, Jorie Goins

Jorie is a writer based out of Chicago, Ill. A journalist by day and dancer by night, Jorie is also the founder and blogger-in-chief of DanceTopia,

Contributing Writer, Sharelle Burt

Sharelle M. Burt is a Marketing Specialist/Freelance Writer out of Charlotte, NC. Learn more about her and her budding podcast.

Contributing Writer, Rachel A. Rojas

Rachel A. Rojas is a freelance writer out of Springfield, Massachusetts. Click to learn more about the woman behind My Startup Story.

Contributing Writer, Brea Finney

Brea Finney is a Public Relations Account Coordinator at an advertising agency based in Honolulu, Hawai’i. See what else the digital advocate is up to.