The Urgency Trap

Urgency is one of the greatest, yet most overlooked sources of stress for women entrepreneurs.
You may not even be aware that you’ve fallen victim. But the clues can be all around.

5 Tips For The CEO And Mom

The titles CEO and Mom come with their own set of responsibilities. How do you juggle it all and make the most of the time spent at work and home?

cuddleroo - Lioness Magazine

Sindy Beekman Is Helping Mothers Carry Their Babies With Style Thanks To CuddleRoo

CuddleRoo, designed by Sindy Beekman, brings some styling fun to babies and their existing soft-structured baby carriers. Fashioned as a variety of cute and cuddly animals, from cows and giraffes to pandas and unicorns, CuddleRoo is a cover that easily slips over an existing soft-structured baby carrier (SSC) to enhance the babywearing experience.

Mom Startup Launches War On Boredom

Mom startup founders Ayanna Smith and Melody Jackson dive into the family edutainment business with new venture, Rock’n Rumble. The concept combines physical, imaginative and interactive play with the core values of humanity.