Breakthrough Self-Paced Course


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Dear Lioness, Entrepreneur, Business Owner and anyone who wants to take massive action on your goals:

Do you have a dream or business idea that you’re passionate about but you’re not sure how to make it happen? This is for you.

Maybe you’re not sure exactly what you want to do but you know that you’re supposed to be doing something more than what you’re doing now. This is also for you. 

What if you know exactly what you want to do and how you should go about doing it but you find yourself plagued by fear and doubt and you don’t feel confident enough to step out there and get it done? This is definitely for you.

Or what if you need a clear roadmap and plan of action around your goals along with someone to hold you accountable … THIS is for you!

If you’d like me to teach you how to get clarity, dominate your fear and BREAKTHROUGH to take massive action toward your goals, this coaching course is for you!  Find your confidence and learn how to put your fear and doubt in the appropriate place so that you can move forward boldly. I can help!

We know that 80% of coaching clients report improved self-confidence.* And with female entrepreneurs starting more businesses, faster than anyone else, there has never been a better time to get the help you need to be successful.  

This virtual course is PERFECT for anyone who is feeling stuck, is paralyzed by fear or is confused about what they want to do or how they’re going to make their goals happen and needs help to find purpose, clarity and the confidence to take action!

Are YOU Ready to BREAKTHROUGH and LIVE Your Dreams?

  • set powerful intentions
  • keep your word to others — and most importantly to yourself
  • find and/or own your purpose
  • access your dreamer
  • create a dynamic relationship with your doubter
  • believe in your dreams
  • create powerful personal practices
  • learn from your failures
  • take serious steps forward
  • build your dream team
  • live with passion, purpose, and confidence

Coaching Includes:

10 Coaching Videos with  Coach Dawn  

Program Workbook with exercises, assessments, notes and journal pages

Private Facebook Group where you can interact with Coach Dawn and get additional help

Sessions 1-3

  • Set an intention
  • Remove incompletions 
  • Learn to live with integrity — keep your word with yourself and others
  • Finding and/or owning your purpose
  • Tap into your passions
  • Alignment check — live more aligned with your purpose

Sessions 4-7

  • Get clear about what your dream is
  • The difference between dreams, goals, and fantasies
  • Build a powerful and dynamic relationship with your Doubter
  • Removing obstacles
  • Your dream vs. your reality
  • The essentials of belief
  • Develop effective personal practices
  • Glean the lessons from past failures
  • Identify and strengthen weaknesses

Sessions 8 – 10

  • Develop strategy
  • Segment your dream into steps
  • Plan your action steps
  • Build your dream team
  • Identify resources
  • Take action
  • Establish visionary practices

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