Lioness Manifesto

I am bold, fierce, fabulous and unbothered
By naysayers, haters, competitors
By friends, family and anyone else that doesn’t understand
My mission
My vision
My passion
Or my drive
The drive that pushes me to
Be more
Do more
Say more

I speak up
With radical honesty
With colleagues, friends, and family members
And, ultimately, with myself
I do not delude myself
I don’t underplay my strengths
Or overplay my limitations

I acknowledge the truth of who I am
And where I am in my development
I work hard to develop my strengths
And I find resources to offset my weaknesses

Integrity is important to me
I keep my word
To others
And most importantly to myself

I do the right thing
Even when it’s unpopular
Even when it may cost me
Or take me longer to achieve my goal

I’m resilient
My can’t stop
Won’t stop
Won’t quit
Attitude takes me to places beyond my
Wildest dreams
And even when things seem

I. Do. Not. Stop.

I am strong
Though I may not feel strong in the moment
I know how to dig down deep
And tap into inner wells of strength
Forged in my spirituality
In my wins
And in my defeats.
I utilize my strength
To overcome any obstacles in my way
To break down barriers
To smash through walls
To open new doors
To soar to new heights
To be who I was meant to be
To show up
How I was meant to show up
And to make my mark on the world

I walk the path unknown
With Excellence
And Purpose

I live ON purpose
With passion and confidence
And courage

I know
I may experience fear
At every level of my journey
But I recognize that
My courage will allow me to act
In Spite of fear

I’m a bad-ass
A kick-ass entrepreneur
I’m comfortable in my own skin
Even when I’m out of my comfort zone
I am not afraid to embrace exactly who I am
I show up.
I am present.
I celebrate myself
Even when no one else does
Especially when no one else will
And As I celebrate I thrive

I shine my light
Know my worth
Am not afraid of my own brilliance
Not afraid to see the world differently
I’m creative
A woman of confidence

I am a Lioness.