The Middle Finger Project

Starting a Sentence With ‘In My Opinion’ Is Bad for Business. Here’s Why.

Saying “in my opinion” is not leadership language. A lot of people ask what they’re doing wrong. The answer is as simple as this: They don’t believe you.

Nobody Gets Between Me And My Business. Not Even That Shit Bottle Of Wine From The Night Before.

Nobody gets between me and my business. Nobody. Except, I used to make myself feel so guilty about this fact. I had to change the way I was doing my life.

Entrepreneurs: When Your Life Is Fantastic And Fucked Up, All At Once

Entrepreneurs – we really are a bunch of sickos. Volunteering to walk the plank without knowing if we can swim…just to find out if we can or not.

You Can’t Make Money If You Can’t Ask for It. Fact.

How do you make money? It is a lot less complicated than most people make it–you make offers, and people give you money in exchange for value.

Two Gorgeous Ways Of Saying NO In Business…Without Throwing Cheeseburgers At People’s Heads

Saying NO is healthy. No is realistic. No is yes, in a way. It just might be in a different way than most people assume.

For The Downtrodden And Destitute – Why No Longer Having A Choice Might Just Become The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

Ash shares her remarkable story and why entrepreneurs need to see why no longer having a choice can be the best choice.

Business Lacking Direction? Start With the Money.

Folks try to hodgepodge together different interests and passions into one business and then figure out how to get paid. No. Start with the money.

Running A Holiday Sale? Memorize This By Heart

It’s that time of the year when businesses start to plug a holiday sale. Today Ash Ambirge talks about how to generate genuine excitement.

Your Attention Span Is Less Than That Of A Bloody GOLDFISH (And So Is Your Customer’s)

The average person’s attention span is now down to a not-so-respectable eight seconds. If the people in charge of marketing were scratching their heads before, now they’re really in for a treat.

Percentage Off or Flat Rate? How To Run A Sale That SELLS

Should you give a client a percentage off or flat rate? Today Ash Ambirge talks to entrepreneurs about how to decide and run a sale that sells.