Keep Your Shit Together

How To Host People At A Dinner Party Without Leaving Guests In A Food Coma

This month Kara talks about how to put together a dinner party menu that doesn’t leave your guests in a hazy, food coma. Kara helps you Keep Your Shit Together and execute a quality dinner.

Staple Foods You Should Always Have In The Fridge Or Cupboard

Ever go to the grocery store and mull over what you should be buying? This month Kara talks about the staple foods we should always have on deck.

Navigating Catered Events When You Have Dietary Restrictions

How do you navigate client dinners or catered events when you need to eat a certain way? I always feel like such a diva about it.

Eating Better At Work

Eating better at work does take a little extra imagination and preparedness, but worth it for your health…and often your financial health. For example, in college, I’d go home monthly to mass-produce and freeze mini-Shepherds Pies to pop in my contraband toaster oven while I studied.

How To Get On An Exercise Routine With Your Busy Schedule

How do you get on an exercise routine when you have a schedule that is constantly changing? Kara tackles this question for a reader.

How To Squeeze In Family Dinnertime When The Family Has Various Food Allergies

As food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances are on the rise, it’s a slippery slope from domestic goddess to short order cook.

Are You Setting Yourself Up For Sleep?

“I keep waking up at about 3 AM with my mind going crazy. It almost feels like I’m about to have a panic attack. What can I do to stop it?” Here’s Sleep 101.

One Person’s Food May Be Another Person’s Poison

Hi Kara!

I’ve really been packing on the pounds over the past few months. I want to start eating healthier, but I have no clue where to begin. I’ve got way too much going on for a detox or some total overhaul right now. – Susan R.

Are you practicing mindful eating?

Hey Kara, how can I balance being more present when eating lunch without being totally bored out of my skull? – Angelica

If You Took All Of The ‘Do This For 30-Minutes’ Advice Out There, You Wouldn’t Get A Thing Done

Hi Kara. I really want to start making an effort to be a healthier and, as you would say, a less frazzled woman. If you look out there, there are all sorts of tips to just exercise for 30 minutes a day, just meditate for 30 minutes a day, just journal for 30 minutes a day, etc. Before long my day is filled with blocks of 30 minutes activities. Help! – Overwhelmed in Ohio