5 Ways To Separate Work Life From Home Life

Failing to leave work at work, can lead to problems at home. Here’s how we can separate work life from home life so we can enjoy both environments.

10 Songs To Kick Your Butt Into Gear

We’ve got things to do. Worlds to rule. Lives to change. Here are 10 songs to put some ‘umph’ back in your day and kick your butt into gear.

Whatever Your Baggage Is, You Have The Power To Release It

I’m talking about the baggage you can’t see but you can definitely feel. Whatever your baggage is, you have the power to release it!

Workplace Romances That Turned Into The Real Deal

Workplace romances are frowned upon – things could get messy. But is it possible to find true love at the office? Here are a few couples who would say yes.

What Smart Women Can Learn From Einstein About Reaching Goals

Albert Einstein once said that “Vision without execution is merely hallucination.” Here’s what women entrepreneurs can learn from one of science’s most brilliant minds.

When Fear Tries To Derail You, Respond With Your Inner Lioness

Fear and self-doubt sneaks up on the best of entrepreneurs. Instead of feeding into it, channel your inner Lioness to keep you on track toward your goals.

How To Work From Home For People With ADHD

It is typical of people with ADHD to waste a lot of time messing about. So how do you build the needed structure to work from home and be productive?

Having An Abundance Mindset

Individuals with an abundance mindset focus on having an extremely plentiful supply, more than enough to go around.

This mindset of abundance versus scarcity plays out in other ways in our lives. As we face challenges and opportunities in our work, our mindset will dictate the approach we take and impact the results we achieve.

Easy Recipes For The Entrepreneur Who Doesn’t Have The Time (Or Desire) To Cook

With our go, go, go lifestyles, entrepreneurs need fuel and energy to get us through our hectic schedules. Making smart food choices and squeezing in the time to prepare meals is only half the battle – we actually have to stop to eat.

Here are eight easy recipes courtesy of Family Features, to cut down on your effort and time in the kitchen.