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Why You Need To Stop Talking To Start Leading - Lioness Magazine

Why You Need To Stop Talking To Start Leading

High question-askers—those that probe for information from others—are perceived as more responsive and are better liked. Here’s how to stop talking so you can lead.

Does Faith Have A Place At Work?

By Priscilla Archangel How does faith play into the workplace? Some of today’s most successful CEOs believe that tapping into their faith is invaluable. We take a look at how some leaders exercise faith in the workplace.

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Your Pain Point Is The Motivation For Change

By Priscilla Archangel The interesting part of such challenges is that the longer you delay, the more people in your environment become aware of the need for change. Stakeholders demand results, employees become disengaged, and teams spread negative reviews of your leadership.

6 Often-Overlooked Reasons Mothers Make Great Business Leaders - lioness magazine

6 Often-Overlooked Reasons Mothers Make Great Business Leaders

Dr. Glenna Rice is on a mission to remind mothers just how powerful and experienced they are and to help mums realize that many of the skills they have acquired while raising children are perfect for running a business.

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Seven Facilitation Strategies For Leaders

Focusing on your agenda does not bring teams together in the way you would hope. Today we’re learning the art of facilitation strategies with Priscilla Archangel.

The True Power Of Listening

While in conversation, learning to keep one’s mouth shut and ears open, so that you can focus attention on the person who is speaking, requires mindfulness and discipline. Listening with conviction is the highest compliment that one can pay to another human being.  When we listen, we get to know people and build relationships.

Developing Leadership Perspective: Fact vs. Reality

During organizational problem solving, people can describe the facts based on their perspective on a situation, each being correct. But the reality of that situation is far more multifaceted. In this article, there are five things leaders seeking to understand the issue should do to get a proper perspective of the circumstances, and to develop the right strategy for the company.

Networking Is Not Trolling For People Who Will Pay You Money

Some people are abusing the term networking and using it as a means to ask people for money. Kathy has a real talk about what networking is and isn’t.

6 Classic Leadership Styles: Which One Are You?

The truly adept leader will assess the team and employ a leadership style that will offer support and ensure desired results. Know which style to use when.

Put The Fun Back In Business To See Your Business Thrive

Simone Milasas shares her wisdom on treating business like a playground and recommends these three steps to put the fun back in business.