Making Cents

How To Make Money In August

Forward-thinking Entrepreneurs know that August is the right time to put building blocks in place that will generate fourth quarter revenues and if the stars align, you could even see a pay-off right now. Slowed-down summer schedules let you press the restart button on plans you hoped to advance earlier in the year. Here are some business development activities that every Entrepreneur can add to her August agenda:

S Corporations Are On The IRS’ Radar, Here’s What You Need To Know

You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! Just like lions, tigers and bears, S Corporations, Reasonable Compensation and the IRS are real. Avoid a nightmare.

How To Understand Cash Flow … We Break It Down In Easy To Understand Language

Cash is the heartbeat of business. As such, we must understand how cash is moving through our business. Learn to understand cash flow in this easy synopsis.

4 Fierce Financial Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

Financial literacy is understanding how your (to make it personal) money works, understanding how you manage it. Here are 4 financial tips for you.

It’s Tax Refund Season And The Mood Is Right…Hmmm…Who’s Feeling Taxy?

Lionesses, it is tax refund season! What type of mood does tax season have you in? This month we help you prepare the right way.

Are You In Need Of A Sophisticated Business Structure?

There comes a time when an entrepreneur needs to get a solid business structure in place. When sole proprietorship no longer cuts it, where do I start?

Year-End Tax Planning For Solopreneurs

Lo and behold it’s the fourth quarter and time for you to begin your year-end tax planning. If you have an accountant or bookkeeper, pick up the phone and make an appointment. If you perform these functions yourself, then take action now, before holidays ambush you. Your mission is to minimize the tax bill payable next April.

Do I Need A Small Business Retirement Plan If I’m Just Getting Started?

Getting a retirement plan in order means you have started thinking about your exit strategy. Learn what plans are available and their pros and cons.

Want To Make Your Business Scalable? Here Are Some Ideas On Growth And Expansion

Once you’ve survived the crucial phases of startup, the growth and expansion stage can prove to be a bit tougher. Let’s see what you’ll need to scale it.

Think Politics Isn’t For you? Learn Why And How Legislation Affects Many Businesses

We’re all impacted and influenced by government laws and rules. As entrepreneurs we must remember that legislation affects many businesses.