Balancing Motherhood And a Career Is Not Easy, But Author Lauren Wise Knows How To Make It Work

Lauren Wise is making motherhood and novel writing look easy. She chats about getting it all done and her latest book, "Swap Club."

#IAMALIONESS: Balancing Motherhood And a Career Is Not Easy, But Author Lauren Wise Knows How To Make It Work! - Lioness Magazine#IAMALIONESS – From retail worker to receptionist, and finally, to novelist, author Lauren Wise has held a few side jobs, but she knew that writing was her passion from the moment she picked up a pencil.  She dreamed of becoming an author her entire life, and at the age of 30, she made the decision to follow her passion and become a full-time writer.  However, it was not easy trying to balance motherhood with starting her career. “Confidence is everything, but it is important to be realistic and reasonable,” Wise  said. Lets find out more about Lauren and her first novel, Swap Club.

The mother of one and step-mother to two, decided during her maternity leave that it was the best time to jump into writing full-time. “Figuring out how to make a career out of your passion is never easy, but if you believe in your talent then you are the only one who can discover success,” stated Wise.  It wasnt easy for her to juggle motherhood and her writing career. However, the fact that her kids can now see her hard work pay off is truly an amazing experience for Lauren. She wants them to realize that if you believe in yourself and work hard enough, anything is possible, even though there will be bumps in the road.

Although she has been an assistant writer for Montreals “Just for Laughs” comedy festival and has written a few screenplays, this is Wise’s first true venture into novel writing. She has always viewed life through a comedic lens and doesnt take it too seriously. Writing anything without some sort of comedy interjected is impossible for her, hence why “Swap Club” is a mix of sexy and funny, which is difficult to do.

However, there’s more to the “Swap Club” than just sex. “The main character is struggling with her unhappiness in her unsexy marriage and will do whatever it takes to stay married and work things out with her husband. Swapping is their chosen path with the end goal of bettering their marriage. Most people just give up…” Wise said

“Swap Club” has been optioned for a movie version and Wise is excited to see who will make her book come to life.

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