What is your relationship with money?

Posted on April 8, 2014 by Angela Lussier

What is the core of your relationship with money?

Kate Northrup

With money being such a central topic of business ownership, I often find myself looking for resources, talking to friends about how they think about their finances, and following inspirational women who offer loving advice on the topic. Kate Northrup is one of my favorite people to follow because she looks at money as a way to create more love and abundance in your life rather than grief and confusion. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying creating more love and abundance is a goal I am always working on. So I challenge you to ask yourself, “What is your relationship with money?”

Northup is the author of “Money: A Love Story, Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want” (Hay House, 2013). Her philosophy states: if you free yourself financially you can be fully present to your purpose on the planet. She mentors entrepreneurs in creating financial freedom and offers inspiration to women, which I love. I talked to her about her journey, how she figured all of this out, and advice for other women in business.

AL: How did you decide you wanted to build a business around money and your relationship with it?

KN: I never really did decide. I just kept saying yes to opportunities that presented themselves. I taught workshops called Women & Wealth because it was a great way to spread the word about what I was doing and connect with people. That just parlayed itself into my book, “Money: A Love Story,” and then my course, The Money Love Course. I think my background as an entrepreneur really set me up well to talk about money.

AL: What is the most important thing for women to address in order to get comfortable with having money?

KN: Their own self worth. It’s so important to take a good long look at how much we value ourselves and how we show that and how we don’t. Do we take good care of ourselves? Do we throw ourselves under the bus? Do we take good care of our money? If we don’t, it’s stemming from a lack of self-love. If we love ourselves first and use caring for our money as an extension of that, things can shift dramatically.

AL: What do you suggest women in business do to build a lifestyle they love versus making a living?

KN: I suggest that they start a business if they have any inkling to do so. True financial and lifestyle freedom can’t be created while working for someone else. Also, being honest about what we like and what we don’t is important. Even though I was living in NYC in the middle of a thriving community that was really good for my career, I had to be honest with myself that I wanted a simpler life. A lot of people have questioned that decision, as well as my decision to build my network marketing business. But these decisions are true to my desire to have a lifestyle I love so I just ignore the criticism and move on.

AL: What needs to happen in order to bring more prosperity into your life?

KN: If you want more prosperity you have to pay attention to the prosperity you already have in your life. A regular gratitude practice can be a beautiful way to do this. Spending time with your financial life in a loving way is one of the best ways you can attract more abundance. Paying bills with gratitude is one really practical way to do this.

AL: Do you ever get nervous about money, and if so, how do you deal with it?

KN: I don’t get nervous about money much these days. But, if I do, I bring my attention back to gratitude for the ways my life is already abundant. I get really clear on my numbers – what’s in the bank, what I’m spending, and what I’m bringing in – as well because often financial anxiety isn’t based in the truth of our financial situations. And then I focus on ways that I can add more value in the world.

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