Weekly Round Up (March 20 – March 24): A Mashup Of Startup News & Advice For Female Entrepreneurs

Posted on March 25, 2017 by Lioness Staff

We made it through another week! Did you miss some startup news? We’ve got your back. Here’s a mashup of all of the Startup News & Advice female entrepreneurs should know weekly round up style:

Things To Add To Your To-Do List

Weekly Round Up (March 20 – March 24): A Mashup Of Startup News & Advice For Female Entrepreneurs - Lioness Magazine1. Where does your social media stand? Want to see how it measures up to what’s hot right now? Go4prep has put together the latest social media trends for 2017 in this handy info graphic.

2. The challenge most leaders face at this point is how to monetize their ocean of data. Learning how to monetize your data is a critical business asset.

3. Do you know which one of our customer segments is your fastest path to cash? What unites your unicorn customers and creates a singular brand that is for a singular customer archetype? We’re giving you the answers.

Things To Meditate On

1. We all make mistakes. John Osher’s list of “17 Mistakes Start-ups Make” became a Harvard Business School case study. Today we’re giving you all of Osher’s practical advice.

2. People see outer circumstances as the culprit for their dissatisfaction in life, but Kathy explains the way our inner state can let us down every day. Take a moment to reflect on what may be the cause of some of your dissatisfactions.

What Your Peers Were Doing This Week

1. Advisor to some of the most successful professionals in entertainment, Nicole Roberts Jones is bringing her genius on tour to help you Find Your Fierce.

2. Simona Fusco started modeling in her youth and now is an internationally renown expert matchmaker. Today she’s teaching women her five lessons in business.

Last But Not Least (some empowerment)

One of the least glamorous and less talked about nuggets of success is consistency. Yes, hustle, heart, passion and skill can aid you beyond belief. But what builds recognition and often is the key to business longevity is CONSISTENCY. Keep at it until you get there, and stay at it once you arrive.

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