Weekly Round Up (April 3 – April 7): A Mashup Of Startup News & Advice For Female Entrepreneurs

Posted on April 8, 2017 by Lioness Staff

We made it through another week! Did you miss some startup news? We’ve got your back. Here’s a mashup of all of the Startup News & Advice female entrepreneurs should know weekly round up style:

Things To Add To Your To-Do List

Weekly Round Up (April 3 – April 7): A Mashup Of Startup News & Advice For Female Entrepreneurs - Lioness Magazine1. How do you stand out from your competition? A much better way to get more customers and make more money is to create products and services that are VERY different and stand out from your competition. Here’s what to think about.

2. This solution will allow you to get the most out of webinars, up to a dozen a week without sitting through a single one. Ladies, welcome to Fancy Hands.

Things To Meditate On

1. For Equal Pay Day, LeanIn.Org is launching #20PercentCounts, a campaign to raise awareness that women are paid 20 percent less than men in the U.S.

2. The 2017 Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California releases current research on the issues and trends affecting California’s 19.7 million women and girls.

3. On March 27, the White House hosted a roundtable for women in small business where their achievements and barriers to success were discussed.

What Your Peers Were Doing This Week

1. Yang Yang has been running Dese Enterprise, which owns AMI Clubwear, since it was founded in 2004 via eBay. Listen to her story as Entrepreneur of the Day.

2. Romanie Thomas founded Juggle.Jobs in 2016 with one mission, to make certain that 50 percent of business leaders are women within 10 years, after seeing the problem firsthand in her career as a headhunter.

3. Diana Rodriguez-Zaba, owner of disaster restoration company ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, shares her wisdom on branding a franchise.

4. Cheryl A. (Gorski) Ronzoni joined the staff of The Lioness Group, which includes digital publication Lioness Magazine, as its Chief Marketing Officer.

Last But Not Least (some empowerment)

What you think about, you bring about.

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