Victoria Mui Shares 8 Things Women Business Owners Must Know

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Natasha Zena

img_3685Canadian entrepreneur Victoria Mui gave some amazing takeaways on Lioness’ Nov. 10 Business Coaching Call as a part of our Lioness Membership Program for women entrepreneurs. Her killer advice was such a hit, we’re resharing it!

An author and business dynamo, Mui is the founder of Corporate Champions Vancouver in Canada and has been working with high-profile companies such as Microsoft and Amazon for years.

Here are some awesome nuggets from her talk packaged easily as 8 Things Women Business Owners Must Know To Succeed:

1) Learn everything you can about sales and marketing. If you can’t market or sell, you’re not going to bring in business.

2) You have to learn how to delegate. In order to do it right, you should at least have a basic understanding of the work you want to delegate.

3) It’s easier to build loyalty with your current clients than it is to acquire new clients. Don’t get new customers and neglect loyal clientele. Retainment is a part of long-term success.

4) Victoria is big on investing in her mind, body and soul. “Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. I have to ask myself constantly, ‘what kind of person do I have to be in order to do these things?’ I meditate whenever I can – even just 5-10 minutes.”

5) Know when to bring in people to help out. Learn the art of delegation and then learn how to find the right people and how to work with different personalities. Ask job candidates, “How can I align your personal goals so that you can achieve them through working with us?”

6) As a business owner, it’s easy to trap yourself on the hamster wheel. Often times we’re not looking at whether we’re productive or not. Take time out if your week to shut off you phone and think. It’s also really important to listen to your staff. Because they are in the day to day, they have a different perspective. It’s important to stay connected and hear everyone out.

7) Have clarity on your goals. You really want to map it out and break it down. It’s true. It sounds simple: have business goals and personal goals. If you can’t hit your personal goals, how can you hit your business goals?

8) Take time out to set up your goals and set a time to review them. Consider this: “If I do exactly what I did today for 365 days, would my business get better? Would it move forward?” If not, then you need to rethink how you’re spending your days.

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Around age eight Natasha Zena was told it was a woman’s job to take care of the home and since then she has built a career out of telling women they can do whatever the hell they want. Founding partner of Lioness, the digital magazine for female entrepreneurs, the former news reporter has created a platform to educate, elevate and support female entrepreneurs. In addition to publishing and hosting events for women, Natasha enjoys spending time with her teenage son, Shaun.

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