Nicole Roberts Jones Is Helping You Find Your Fierce: See Tour Dates

Advisor to some of the most successful professionals in entertainment, Nicole Roberts Jones is bringing her genius on tour to help you Find Your Fierce.


Early Warning Signs That Your Business Is In Trouble

As a business owner you must train yourself to see the early warning signs that your business is in trouble. Today Kim L. Clark tells you the signs.

Author and entrepreneur Simon Milasas.

Getting Out Of Debt Joyfully

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – Simone Milasas believes we are taught to have unnecessary money problems. She says we can get out of debt and do it with joy.


Few Women And Minorities In Senior Investment Roles At Venture Capital Firms

WASHINGTON – Women comprise nearly 45 percent of the total venture capital workforce, but few are in senior investment roles with decision-making positions.


Demand For Capital Has Hit A Four-Year High Despite Cautious Optimism For 2017

LOS ANGELES – Demand for capital jumped 13 percent from a year ago. However, access to capital has not kept pace with the growth of demand. - Lioness Magazine

Tina Fay Launches Napkin Finance To Teach Money In 30 Seconds Or Less

Napkin Finance is a visual guide to understanding finance and it teaches you everything you need to know about money in 30 seconds or less.


Get Real With Your Money So You Can Have More Of It

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How To Make Money Decisions That Keep Giving On A Long-Term Basis

Natasha talks to money maven Jamie Campbell about how to make money decisions that keep giving on a long-term basis.


3 Reasons Women Entrepreneurs Have Trouble Finding Funding

Women entrepreneurs are on the rise, but statistics say their funding isn’t. Women only get 4.4 percent – or $1 out of every $23 – of small business loans.


How To Understand Cash Flow … We Break It Down In Easy To Understand Language

Cash is the heartbeat of business. As such, we must understand how cash is moving through our business. Learn to understand cash flow in this easy synopsis.