new alpha

Book Of The Week: The New Alpha

In sharp contrast to “old school” approaches to leadership, The New Alpha is all about becoming the best version of yourself, and using your power for good.

Angela Lussier

International Women’s Day: What We Can Do Next

Today is The Day Without a Woman and International Women’s Day. These initiatives are doing a good job bringing women together and raising awareness, but what else can we do? Here are three strategies for building your own movement and showing up as a leader.

La’Wana Harris

Leadership Lessons Every Startup Founder Should Know

La’Wana Harris went from small town girl to leadership in a Fortune 500 company. She gives Lioness readers leadership lessons to live by.


Why You Need Great Political Skills If You Want To Be A Successful Leader

People with political skills win over the right people and build a coalition to take on the project. Today Kim L. Clark examines the viewpoint.


Being Fit Is Good For Business

Exercise impacts the way we think. If we’re using our brains for business, surely there must be some benefits. Here’s why being fit is good for business:


How To Be A Successful Woman In A Man’s World

So what does it take to be a successful woman in a male-dominated field? Jamie Wright takes you through the leadership traits you’ll need in your toolkit.


5 Tips For Success That Nobel Laureates Can Teach Us

There are lessons to be learned from the scientists, artists and peacemakers who win the Nobel Prize every year. David Pratt gives us 5 Tips For Success.


Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Mentor

Want to progress successfully in your endeavor? You need to find yourself a mentor. Christie Garton makes the case for mentoring and how to do it right.


What One Iranian Entrepreneur Is Doing To Help Others Fight The Fear Of Failure

Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock learned from the trauma she faced that it is possible to move past the fear of failure and now shes helping others do it, too.


Finish Line COO Melissa Greenwell Says This Is How Companies Are Leaving Money On The Table

You are leaving money on the table and forfeiting your strategic advantage if you don’t have women well represented on your boards and senior management.