Celebrating Lionesses Making Their Mark In The Food Industry

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Natasha Zena

Celebrating Lionesses Making Their Mark In The Food Industry - Lioness MagazineOur annual food issue is one of my favorite editions here at Lioness. There is something to be said about enjoying a fantastic meal with friends and family. Some of my favorite memories involve great celebrations with people I care about while sharing food, cocktails and interesting conversation.

When I was a child, New Year’s Day dinner was a big deal in the Clark house. My mother took out the best china and champagne, we had lobsters and dressed up in our best duds to celebrate the new year as a family. Even today, 20 years after my father has passed, we still gather to welcome the new year as a family with food and sweet prayers.

This month we are catching up with a few women who are bringing innovation to their respective cities through the food industry. They achieved this by recognizing what was already being offered and seeing what unique needs weren’t being met in the current climate. We take you Lionesses from Fort Valley, Georgia to Boston, Massachusetts to London, England and more, to see how some of your peers are shaking things up.

What are some of your food traditions? I want to hear your memorable stories and some of your favorite ways to break bread with the people you love. Tell me below in the comments section.

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Around age eight Natasha Zena was told it was a woman’s job to take care of the home and since then she has built a career out of telling women they can do whatever the hell they want. Founding partner of Lioness, the digital magazine for female entrepreneurs, the former news reporter has created a platform to educate, elevate and support female entrepreneurs. In addition to publishing and hosting events for women, Natasha enjoys spending time with her teenage son, Shaun.

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