How To Use Video For Your Business When You’re Not But Know You Should Be

Videos works! We know that, but too many businesses just don’t use it. Why aren’t you doing it? Here’s why and how to use video for your business.

New App Alerts You To State Laws And Changes

ATLAS keeps you aware of laws as they change so you don’t have to and provide short, easily digestible summaries.

Hollywood, MIT & Silicon Valley Join Forces To Create Film Recommendation Engine, FilmFish

FilmFish is a film recommendation app created by Topher Grace, Joyce Kulhawik, Simon Borrero, Daniel Posada and Phil and Donald Sull from MIT.

First City In The Nation To Launch A Line-Free Grocery Store With California Fresh Market App

Thanks to the new California Fresh Market app, shoppers can scan their groceries on their phones and avoid lines with a touchscreen payment.

3 Quick Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Google Analytics

This year holiday e-commerce sales are predicted to reach record highs and we’re giving you tips to use Google Analytics so you can rock your website data.

HackHolyoke – First Women’s College Hackathon Kicks Off This Friday

On Nov. 4, Mount Holyoke will host HackHolyoke, a 24-hour hackathon that welcomes 200 hackers from around the country to be develop disruptive technologies.

Pause: New Invention Blocks Wi-Fi And Incoming Smartphone Communication

New device allows you to block communication so you can appreciate some down time with family and friends. Here’s how the Pause works …