Using Snapchat As A New Marketing Tool

Users use Snapchat for its high entertainment factor. It might not seem like an ideal platform for marketing, but the statistics might surprise you.

How To Be Human

Post-death communication is a modern version of the Ouija Board. But have we forgotten one of our most important virtues: how to be human?

New Mobile App Helps You Find The Best Credit Cards In Seconds

Silver is a new mobile application that helps you to find the best credit cards in seconds, get all the details you need, and even let you apply directly from your mobile device.

Five Apps I Can’t Live Without

My smartphone has become my second purse. I store everything in it. From appointments to small bookkeeping items, it helps me stay on top of my personal and professional obligations while helping me manage tasks.

Here are the five apps I can’t live without (and ALWAYS backup on iCloud) as a female entrepreneur:

New IBM Entrepreneur Program Accelerates Collaborative Innovation In The Cloud

Through the global program, qualifying startups will receive up to $120,000 worth of credits to put towards IBM Cloud usage, giving them the instant infrastructure needed to quickly launch their businesses and focus resources on coding, building, scaling and bringing innovations to market. The program will also offer startups invaluable and in-depth connections into IBM’s enterprise client base, many of whom consistently look to the startup community for new approaches to industry challenges.

Go N’Syde app connects fans with artists, Mariah Carey, 40/40 Club Sweepstakes

The new Go N’Syde app is revolutionizing the way fans of today’s favorite artists enjoy their beverages. In celebration of the successful launches of the beverages Butterfly and 40/40 – Mariah Carey and former Def Jam President and CEO Kevin Liles are offering fans once-in-a-lifetime experiences, plus an exclusive look at Mariah like she’s never been seen before.

LivEasy, the Small Business Marketing App, Targets Local Consumers With Exclusive Deals

LivEasy provides benefits to both merchants and their customers. Local businesses gain access to a powerful, effective platform for connecting with new customers and building loyalty. Consumers, meanwhile, enjoy saving money while also knowing that money they do spend remains in the local economy. Indeed, the platform is specifically designed for local businesses; users will never see a deal for a national or multinational business on the app.

10 Ways to Use Evernote to ‘Remember Everything’

If you are looking for a note-taking tool to capture thoughts, to-do items and pictures, then you need Evernote.