3 Steps To A Profitable Startup

Why do some startups succeed, while others wind up in a death spiral? We take a look at three steps to running a profitable startup.

Opening a Clothing Store

Infographic: How To Open A Clothing Store

How many new stores have entered your city only to shut down in 24 months? Storetraffic is giving us the imperative basics on How To Open A Clothing Store.


When You Start To Question Whether Or Not You Should Be Doing This At All

I was doing way too much work and then beating myself up for the work I did do! I started to question whether or not I should be doing this at all.


Questions Investors Ask Startup Founders

Questions investors ask take them through the back end of your company. We’ve found a killer list of 100 questions to prepare you for your pitch.


What They Didn’t Teach You In College

You have your degree. Now what? Jump in. The learning comes in the doing. Allison Maslan takes a look at what they didn’t teach you in college.


Landing That Next Gig – The Pursuit Of Getting Paid

As business owners we know that we are always chasing our tails, so to speak, always in pursuit of getting paid and landing our next gig.

Why Do We Fail To Listen To Critical Advice That Would Turn Our Businesses Around? - Lioness Magazine

Why Do We Fail To Listen To Critical Advice That Would Turn Our Businesses Around?

Too many entrepreneurs fail to listen to critical advice that could have saved them thousands of dollars or kept their companies from completely tanking.


Your Business Partner Must Be Chosen With Care

Opposites may attract, but they are usually unsustainable affairs. Business partners must have shared values, goals and priorities.


Dealing With Imposter Syndrome That Has You Feeling Like You’re Not Enough For Your Own Dreams

“I’m not as smart as these people,” and other ugly things Imposter Syndrome has me thinking at the wrong times.


Uncovering The Hidden Parallels Between Running A Race And Starting Your Own Business

In the latest chapter of Rachel’s startup story, she has the epiphany about the parallels between running a race and starting your own business.