When You Start To Question Whether Or Not You Should Be Doing This At All

I was doing way too much work and then beating myself up for the work I did do! I started to question whether or not I should be doing this at all.

Landing That Next Gig – The Pursuit Of Getting Paid

As business owners we know that we are always chasing our tails, so to speak, always in pursuit of getting paid and landing our next gig.

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome That Has You Feeling Like You’re Not Enough For Your Own Dreams

“I’m not as smart as these people,” and other ugly things Imposter Syndrome has me thinking at the wrong times.

Uncovering The Hidden Parallels Between Running A Race And Starting Your Own Business

In the latest chapter of Rachel’s startup story, she has the epiphany about the parallels between running a race and starting your own business.

Creating The Look And Feel Of My Company

Crafting your brand by creating the look and feel of it and exemplifying it through design takes time. Here’s what Rachel thinks about when it comes to creating her brand.

How Much Should I Charge?

We all struggle when it comes to creating our business model and fee structure. In fact, sometimes it is only through trial and error that we figure out what to charge.

Looking Into My Future: Even A Psychic Sees Me Starting My Own Business

As I continue my journey in startup land, I recently came across an interesting experience with a psychic. She confirms that starting my own business is in the cards.

SAHMs Are Entrepreneurs That Don’t Get Enough Recognition

Stay at home mothers (SAHMs) are starting unique businesses that allow them to be with their children and partake in entrepreneurship. Rachel chats with her friend Melissa who hustles as a dig sitter.

Evaluating My Skill Set To See What Kind Of Business I Should Start

Rachel has decided to become an entrepreneur. Now the million dollar question is what kind of business should she start. This week she gains some clarity.

Lioness Writer Set To Document Her Entrepreneurial Journey

This article (and the ones to follow) will document Rachel’s own personal entrepreneurial journey and adventures. Join the convo with the tag #AskLioness.