Harvard Business School Launches New Executive Education Program For Women Senior Executives

Harvard Business School will provide an in depth examination of the function of corporate boards and inner dynamics of board governance.

How To Increase Profit Without Losing Your Purpose

You may have launched your startup because you have passion for the industry, but you have to know how to increase profit to survive. Here’s some help.

Applications Open For Manufacturing Accelerator For Western Massachusetts

The Manufacturing Accelerator brings SME manufacturers and buyers together to discover new ways they can do business. Deadline is Sept. 19.

Apply For Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

Are you a creative woman? Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards prize has increased to $100,000 (from $20,000) per winner. Apply today. Deadline is Aug. 31.

Book Of The Week – The Purpose Is Profit

“The Purpose is Profit” eliminates the mystery of becoming an entrepreneur. Check out the Book of the Week.

Book Of The Week – Emotional Edge

Our Book of the Week is coming from Crystal Andrus Morissette who has been a homeless teen, a survivor of abuse, a competitor for Miss Galaxy and more.

First Accelerator Launches For Black And Latina Women In Tech

BIG is the first accelerator program for exceptional startups led by Black and Latina women founders. Click to learn more about how to apply by July 31.

The Lioness Membership Program Offers Help For Female Entrepreneurs

Help for female entrepreneurs will finally include our digital magazine, like-minded community of women and private training and development programming.

L District Gaining Momentum in Beta Set to Launch Later in 2016

L District, a hot startup based in Minneapolis, is gaining momentum in their beta as they develop a platform dedicated to virtual networking for women.

Shut Up And Do The Work: Entrepreneur Tells All In New Fiery Book

Step up to the plate and swing or shut up and do the work. Whatever metaphor you prefer, it’s time to stop making excuses for your lack of success.