Pull Off The 5 Minute Sales Call

A sales call can easily turn into a nightmare quickly. Here’s how to maintain control of the conversation and get in and out safely.

How To Get B2B Referrals - Lioness Magazine

How To Get B2B Referrals

Referrals begin with relationships and four groups of people you know have the potential to become your informal sales force. Learn what to do.

The Best Way To Get People To Buy Your Product Is To Sell Value

To successfully compete as a service provider involves confidence, reputation and selling skills. Here’s the best way to get people to buy your product.

Rule #1: You Are ALWAYS Selling!

You are ALWAYS selling: Whether you are in front of a huge client, at the grocery store, or posting your favorite beach photo on Facebook, you are always selling.

How To Follow Up With Potential Clients – Give Benefits To Earn Business

Follow up is an important part of the sales process. Patricia Fripp gives us insight on what a strong follow-up sales conversation entails.

Why You Don’t Get The Sale

Have you made the right calls, secured the right meetings, did all your homework and STILL can’t close the sale? Here’s what may have happened:

Speakers Can Use Seeding During Their Talks To Sell Without Being Salesy

Seeding during a talk is when the speaker mentions a product, program or service that will help audience members take the information to the next level.

Is Your Phone Sales Opening Cliche?

Have you taken the time to think about your telephone presentations lately? Make sure you’re not just spitting out an ineffective sales opening.

Do You Have Hunger Breath?

There’s something in sales called the hunger breath where potential clients can sense your almost feverish desperation to get their business.

New POS System For iPad To Transform Customer Engagement Inside Retail Stores

MTS Development announces the release of a new POS system for iPad that will redefine how retailers connect with their customers.