The New Way Progressive Companies Are Training Employees

progressive companies to switch to ongoing, on-the-job, on-demand methods for training employees.

The One Thing That Is Keeping You From Solving Your Business Problem

It seems impossible with all of the technology, search engines and business experts at our fingertips, but some of us are having the same business problem for months, even after seeking help.

How To Do It All: My Unconventional Advice to Fit It All In

We as women are notorious for taking on many projects and scrambling to fit it all in – often at the expense of caring for ourselves. Here’s how to deal:

Can Each Member Of Your Team Pitch Without You? Here’s How To Get Them Ready

So your CEO can deliver a killer pitch. That’s great. However, it’s not enough. What if she’s not around? Each member of your team should be able to pitch.

Remain calm. Here’s How To Deal With The Unexpected Request For Proposal (RFP)

Whatever the motive, beware the out-of-the-blue RFP. Targeted Solopreneur consultants gain nothing but false hope and the “opportunity” to sally forth on a fool’s errand.

Why Fed Up Employees Stop Sharing Their Ideas And Revert To An Every Woman For Herself Mentality

When employees are in an environment ruled by fear, they feel endangered and they revert to an every woman for herself psychology. Sound familiar?

How To Attract, Train And Retain The Millennial Generation

Project surveys approximately 300 CEOs and senior HR leaders to find out how to how to attract, train and retain the millennial generation to a company.

Few Organizations Are Educating Their Leaders And Employees On The Importance Of Change Management

Managing change in the workplace is becoming one of the most critical competencies an organization can build. Billie walks you through the process.

Are You 1099 Or W2? Knowing Your Place At Work

Are you trying to figure out if you’re a 1099 or W2? Whether or not a worker has independent contractor or employee status has huge economic implications.

Business Owners Cannot Overlook Employment Laws

Employment law and the agencies that enforce it are largely concerned with protecting employees. Make sure you’re covered by meeting guidelines.