Starbucks Employees: Maternity Leave Policy Benefits Corporate Staff Not Baristas

Starbucks employee says the company’s new parental leave policy – including up to 12 weeks of paid leave to parents – only benefits its corporate employees.

7 Tips For Handling Conflict Resolution In The Office

It’s important to understand that there will be conflicts that arise, and that is a normal part of having people spend so much time working together. Along with addressing it right away, here are 7 tips for handling conflict resolution in the office:

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In the past, any woman who wanted to climb the corporate ladder was forced to “act like a man.” Here’s why we no longer need to take that approach.

#ThatsHarassment Depicts Sexual Harassment In The Workplace hosted a panel after the premiere of #ThatsHarassment, a new video series produced by David Schwimmer depicting sexual harassment at work.

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Simone Milasas shares her wisdom on treating business like a playground and recommends these three steps to put the fun back in business.