Sarah Piampiano, From Corporate to Cross Country Pro Triathlete

Piampiano changed the course of her life when she showed up to her first Triathlon, won the race and the bet against her long time friend Todd. She won more than a bet that day; she won a second wind in life. Lioness, please meet August’s “Dream Catcher In Heels,” feature for the Stiletto Statement,” Sarah Piampiano, a woman who redesigned her own destiny by believing in her own potential and abilities.


Dream Catchers turning imagination into reality

Since the New Year broke, we have been featuring intelligent, driven, and very inspirational women from all walks of life. Their creative minds, heartfelt dreams, and will to create lasting legacies are truly motivation to women such as myself. I’ll ask you to keep pressing forth with me during our walks to become a “Dream Catcher In Heels.”


Plus designer on the rise – Cassandra Smith

Cassandra Smith, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, had a dream and turned it into her reality.

Witnessing showcases with very talented designers and studying fashion daily, gave Smith a niche within the industry. She knew, however, that simply designing fashion threads wouldn’t be enough, so she went to The Big Apple in pursuit of business knowledge.


De’Hollie Wood – a young mogul in the making!

Always knowing from her younger days that she had a love for fashion and niche for entrepreneurship, Wood began to make her presence known on the fashion scene when she and her longtime friend, Anthony Shaw, launched their own clothing line. With her keen fashion radar and Shaw’s sketching capabilities, Abnormal Ariginals, was born in 2009.

Gossip Viv 1 (1)

This is 50’s Gossip Viv talks to Lioness

Vivian Billings, mostly known as Gossip Viv from VH1 docu-series “Gossip Game,” and creator of the infamous “Gossip” site “,” is a rapidly growing name in the social media and entertainment industry. She recently joined the team over at G-Unit Records under the management of hip hop artist 50 Cent.