Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish Entrepreneurship – Having Good Business Sense

You have to learn how to invest your money wisely if you want to succeed in your business, this makes good business sense.

7 Basic Tax Tips For The Entrepreneur

Here are seven basic tax tips to help those that have been bitten by the entrepreneurial spirit to understand their tax compliance requirements.

The Importance Of Credit Score For Your Business

Maintaining a good credit score can make the difference between accessing a credit line, opening a credit card or borrowing on credit with vendors.

The Affordable Care Act: How It Will Affect Your Business

How will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) impact my business and my bottom line? Do I need to offer health care coverage? Gerri Lazarre explains the affect.

7 Resolution Ideas For Every Entrepreneur

Seven New Year’s resolution ideas to help you, the entrepreneur, with ways to look at the New Year to make changes in your business.

Seven End-of-Year Tax Planning Strategies

As the year draws to a close, now is the time to strategize and look at possible tax planning ideas. It is an opportunity to save money this year and going forward by possibly postponing income, accelerating dedications to reduce taxes or do the future changes in the tax law suggest recognizing income in 2014 to pay taxes this year as tax rates increase in the years to come.

Share The Cost Of Outsourced Controller Or CFO Services For Your Business

An outsourced controller or CFO can help you look at graphs and trends to better understand what has worked and what has not worked and to improve systems.

Selling Through Social Media, You Can’t Afford Not To

Is selling through social media where it’s at? More than 1.5 billion people are using social media. It has to be a part of your starter kit. Understanding and establishing a presence on social media for your business is a critical step whether you are a startup enterprise or have been leading the charge of promoting products and services to your target audience for many years.

The Right Business Structure Makes Sense

One of the most overlooked decisions I have discovered throughout the years of advising clients in my accounting practice has been entity formation. This is a decision that should not be rushed and requires some time and attention because it has significant consequences down the line relating to taxes, limiting liability, raising capital for growth and expansion, and ultimately protecting yourself by selecting the right business structure.

Bonus Depreciation Makes Dollars And Cents

Over the past few years, bonus depreciation has become very popular among businesses even more so with the additional changes to broaden its applicability. It is a method of depreciation that allows businesses to accelerate expensing 50 percent of the cost of qualifying property in the year in which it was placed into service. Many entrepreneurs and businesses took advantage of the new set of economic stimulus that were enacted in 2008, renewed and subsequently extended to jumpstart and boost the economy.