Mary Pat Hector: Meet The 19-Year-Old Making Georgia City Council History

Age is nothing but a number, and 19-year-old Mary Patricia Hector is proving it as the Spelman College sophomore is the youngest woman to officially run for the Stonecrest City Council in the state of Georgia.

Caprice O’Bryant Fought Back From Traumatic Brain Injury And Amnesia To Find Solace In Entrepreneurship

After two car accidents left her with a traumatic brain injury, amnesia and grand mal seizures, 23-year-old Caprice O’Bryant is a new woman on a mission.

FORTË Aims To Redefine The Future Of Fitness Worldwide

FORTË enables boutique fitness studios to seamlessly broadcast their fitness classes live to people worldwide by utilizing their cutting-edge technology.

MOTIVATION MINUTE: When It’s Impossible To Move Forward

It’s impossible to move forward with one foot in the present and the other in the past. Coach Dawn takes us through a motivation minute.

Our 18 Favorite Things

We’re always trying things out over here at Lioness. We’re back with our annual list of our 18 Our Favorite Things:

How To Live The Life You Want In 2017

It requires courage to live the life you want this year. No more excuses. Here’s how to step out and show up for what you want.

You Don’t Need Customers. You Need Lovers.

How do we find our potential Lovers? By establishing a platform that allows for a consumer’s authentic self to be expressed through your brand.

Seven Steps To Company Success In 2017

It’s that time of year again to think about change, improvement and new achievements for your company in 2017. Let’s use seven steps for company success.

Why You Need Great Political Skills If You Want To Be A Successful Leader

People with political skills win over the right people and build a coalition to take on the project. Today Kim L. Clark examines the viewpoint.

Illusion Or Reality: 7 Fundamentals Of Realistic Leadership

An illusion can be more pleasant and soothing to the conscious mind, but they are temporal, draw our focus from the truth and ultimately must be addressed.