(left to right) Founders Jamie Stephenson and Marcella William. Back row (left to right): Content Director Jen Chase and Creative Director Mallory Dawn.

Buzzing With Success: Meet The Las Vegas BFFs Who CoFounded The Juice Standard

Best friends Jamie Stephenson and Marcella Williams launched the first organic juice bar in Las Vegas, The Juice Standard, after both had experienced the benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables.

startup funding

Startup Funding For Dummies: A Crash Course In How Startups Raise Money

If you’re launching a startup and want to understand how raising capital works, we’re giving you the basics. Here’s a crash course in what you should know.

La’Wana Harris

Leadership Lessons Every Startup Founder Should Know

La’Wana Harris went from small town girl to leadership in a Fortune 500 company. She gives Lioness readers leadership lessons to live by.

kathy fielder

Kathy Fielder Talks Design, Textile Manufacturing And Launching Her First Company At 22

Design expert Kathy Fielder started her first company at the age of 22 and never looked back. Shes sharing her startup story and her expanding enterprise.

Business model canvas

How To Use The Business Model Canvas To Launch A Startup

The Business Model Canvas allows you to flesh out your business on one sheet of paper. This step by step guide will show you how to blueprint your startup idea.


What It Feels Like To Achieve Your Dream

What does it really feel like to finally achieve your dream? Klara Sotonova of Klara’s Gourmet Cookies in Lee, Mass. gives us her perspective.

mary pat 4

Mary Pat Hector: Meet The 19-Year-Old Making Georgia City Council History

Age is nothing but a number, and 19-year-old Mary Patricia Hector is proving it as the Spelman College sophomore is the youngest woman to officially run for the Stonecrest City Council in the state of Georgia.


Caprice O’Bryant Fought Back From Traumatic Brain Injury And Amnesia To Find Solace In Entrepreneurship

After two car accidents left her with a traumatic brain injury, amnesia and grand mal seizures, 23-year-old Caprice O’Bryant is a new woman on a mission.

Lauren Foundos

FORTË Aims To Redefine The Future Of Fitness Worldwide

FORTË enables boutique fitness studios to seamlessly broadcast their fitness classes live to people worldwide by utilizing their cutting-edge technology.


MOTIVATION MINUTE: When It’s Impossible To Move Forward

It’s impossible to move forward with one foot in the present and the other in the past. Coach Dawn takes us through a motivation minute.