Having The Courage And Tenacity To Pursue Our Professional Aspirations

Going after our professional aspirations is not as easy as it sounds. However, there are women out there kicking down doors and this we’re talking to them.

Revving Up Our Entrepreneurial Engines

Katelyn Gendron revisits the women we feature this month who are out in startup land revving up their entrepreneurial engines.

In Our Annual Fashion Issue We Explore The Dos And Don’ts Of Trending Styles

Katelyn highlights our annual fashion issue and women entrepreneurs who are kicking down the doors in the industry. Get ready for fall fashion.

This Month We Talk To Women Who Have The Recipe For Success

EDITOR’S NOTE: Past “Oprah Show” guest Amy Bouchard has whipped up a recipe for success. Katelyn muses on her achievements and other fabulous women in this month’s issue.

Providing Our Readers With A View Of Entrepreneurship Through A Global Lens

This month we’re providing our readers with a view of entrepreneurship through a global lens. Our Editor Katelyn talks about why she loves the July issue.

Celebrating Technological Innovation In June

EDITOR’S NOTE – Every era in human history has some sort of technological innovation to its credit. Each June we celebrate the best of and in technology.

Bet On Your Greatest Asset

Katelyn talks being your greatest asset in this month’s Editor’s Note. Take a moment with her to reflect on amazing women who believed in themselves.

There’s A Market Out There For An Infinite Number Of Valuable Products, No Matter How Obscure They Might Seem

EDITOR’S NOTE – If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this month’s issue it’s that there’s a market out there for an infinite number of valuable products, no matter how obscure they might seem.

Break Into That Old Boy’s Club, Tear It Down And Rebuild It Anew

This month we are featuring women who are leading the way in industries dominated by men. We invite you to join them in knocking down the old boy’s club.

Love Is In The Air (Self-Love That Is)

EDITOR’S NOTE – Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it’s essential that you maintain your own self-worth. Katelyn talks about self-love and happiness.