A Sweet Empire: Eleni’s New York

A sought after sweet spot by celebs, the Eleni’s New York founder tells us how she got started and what she’s conquering next.

The Mogul Behind Mogul: Tiffany Pham Sets Her Sights On A Media Empire

Tiffany Pham is fulfilling a promise that is empowering women everywhere. As founder of Mogul, she is reaching 18 million women per week with her unique platform and she’s just getting started.

Cindy Ashton: Unleashing Your Persuasive Voice

Cindy Ashton, a stage and presence coach and professional speaker with degrees in both Music and Kinesiology, is changing the game when it comes to public speaking, bringing a new perspective to the art of speaking with her background in the performing arts.

Anoosheh Oskouian Is A Steward Of Environmental Protection

Anoosheh Oskouian talks about her native country Iran, being a woman entrepreneur and the work of lessening the environmental impact of industrialization.

Allyson Downey Springs Into Baby Industry

Allyson Downey cofounded the “Yelp for baby products,” weeSpring. Now she goes back to her publishing roots with her upcoming book, “Here’s the Plan.”

The Jamberry Invasion: Nailing The Competition With Style

We talk to Jamberry sisterpreneurs Keri, Christy and Lyndsey about their explosive nail business. And how it went from a side hustle to a growing empire.

Wicked Whoopies – Amy Bouchard Created The State Of Maine’s Official Treat

Amy Bouchard started making Wicked Whoopies with her grandmother as a child. Little did she know the tasty treat would lead to a successful venture.

Nad’s Founder Sue Ismiel Is A Natural Problem Solver

Sue Ismiel is the woman behind the international brand, Nad’s, the no-heat hair removal gel. We talk to Ismiel about how she built her empire.

Mari Kim Novak Is Leading The Automation Of Advertising

Mari Kim Novak spent nine years as head of Global Marketing at Microsoft Advertising. Now she’s impacting the future of advertising automation.

Duo Brings Order To M&A Chaos At Tasman Consulting

Tasman Consulting has assisted high-profile companies such as American Express, Dell, LinkedIn and Symantec with human capital integration.