Women In Food: Three Women To Remember In 2017

These trailblazing women in food are using their culinary creativity to combat food issues and standing on principles of community, integrity and simplicity.

How Michelle Lin Went From NYU Dropout To Millionaire CEO

Michelle Lin was a NYU student with big ideas and an affinity for entrepreneurism. She left school to launch Live Love Polish. Two years later, at 24, Lin is the cofounder and CEO of multi-million dollar startup Live Love Polish, based in New York. I caught up with Lin in February, fresh off her Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition for her outstanding work in retail and ecommerce. Here’s her tale of success.

Miko Branch On Launching Miss Jessie’s, Running A Multimillion Dollar Company And Working Through Loss

Miss Jessie’s cofounder Miko Branch on the brand’s humble beginnings, being a CEO and the devastating loss of her sister and cofounder, Titi.

Whoopi And Maya: How Women Are Rocking The Cannabis Industry

Whoopi and Maya are the latest high-profile duo to join the $7.1 billion industry. Women are dominating the market as legalization spreads in the U.S.

Lauren DeJong Is The Woman Behind Some Of Fashion Week’s Coolest Fashion Shows And Events

Throughout her years in the fashion industry, Laurie DeJong has racked up quite a clientele. Now she’s setting her sights on a new mission.

Lisa Nichols Is Giving Us ‘Abundance Now’ While Motivating The Masses

Motivational guru Lisa Nichols has a no-holds-barred conversation about building her empire and the often difficult but fulfilling road to success.

Kathryn Finney Is Tech’s Bold New Voice

You can’t exist in startup land and not know the name Kathryn Finney. She is leading a mighty charge for women of color and the tech world is taking notice. She has a candid conversation about her #ProjectDiane report and why we need more women launching and scaling startups.

Susan Packard Helped Build HGTV Into A Billion-Dollar Company And Now She’s Helping Women Get Their Shot To Lead

Susan Packard has been on the ground floor and helped to build powerhouse media brands like HBO, CNB and HGTV.

Social Belly Is The Ultimate Mashup Of Food And Networking

Social Belly aims to enhance the way we eat out by giving us the opportunity to socialize and network over what we love most – meeting new people and enjoying a great meal.

This Is What An Entrepreneur Looks Like Today

Startup queen Felecia Hatcher is what today’s entrepreneur looks like. Lioness has a meaty discussion with rising startup queen Felecia Hatcher.