Ask An Entrepreneur – Stephanie MacConnell, SpareStub

Stephanie MacConnell is the co-founder of SpareStub, a new startup that is the solution to that extra event ticket you need to get rid of when in a pinch. We find out about SpareStub and ask her some of our favorite questions in the process.

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Ask An Entrepreneur – Michelle Emery, Creator of Forever Whoopies

Michelle Emery hits up our Ask An Entrepreneur section and tells us about her company Forever Whoopies.

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Ask An Entrepreneur – Kathy Brunner, Last Brand Standing

This month we ask entrepreneur Kathy Brunner of Last Brand Standing our top 12 questions. Take a look at the software she considers a lifesaver.

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Ask An Entrepreneur – Sarah Taylor, Integrated Sexology

Sarah Taylor of the United Kingdom stops by to answer our Ask An Entrepreneur questions. “I was successful in my former business as a copywriter and new media strategist, but I’ve always been far happier working for myself. I don’t do well in organizations with rules and hierarchies.”


Ask An Entrepreneur – Christine Souffrant, Vendedy

The story of Vendedy started in a village outside of Port au Prince, Haiti where a woman sold candies and sweets on the streets everyday, rain or shine, to support her children. Her daughter, Marie Emile, eventually picked up the concept and started selling cooked food in the capital. Marie Emile’s daughter, Guelma Emile (my mother), had the chance of a lifetime to immigrate to New York City.


Ask An Entrepreneur – Terra Missildine, Beloved Earth Company

Lioness Magazine’s Ask An Entrepreneur features Terra Missildine, founder of Beloved Earth Company.


Ask an Entrepreneur – Karina Dise, Afri(K)que

Lioness Magazine’s Ask An Entrepreneur features Karina Dise, founder and director of Afri(K)que in Monson, Massachusetts.

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Ask An Entrepreneur

My success starts with me. Working for myself gives me the freedom to set my own goals and initiatives and I find that most fulfilling.