Women In Food: Three Women To Remember In 2017

These trailblazing women in food are using their culinary creativity to combat food issues and standing on principles of community, integrity and simplicity.

5 Keys To Maximizing Your Personal Brand

Do you know what people are saying about you when you’re not in the room? Do you know what they think of your performance, your presence, your purpose and your personality? Rather than being unconcerned about what others think, it’s important to ensure that their perception of you aligns with how you want to be perceived. Because the answers to these questions are part of your personal brand.

Gina Argento On Running The Largest TV And Film Production Company On The East Coast

Gina Argento went from being a 10-year-old kid sister working behind the scenes at Broadway Stages to sitting at the top as CEO. She talks shop with Lioness.

Fighting Pretty Rallies Woman Living With Cancer Stay Strong

Kara Dolce took the inspiration she found during her cancer treatment and is paying it forward to other women through her Oregon nonprofit, Fighting Pretty.

Vegan Fast Food Queen Pamela Elizabeth Launches New Book, The Blossom Cookbook

NEW YORK – This female founder of seven vegan/kosher restaurants is taking her favorite recipes and sharing them in her new book, “The Blossom Cookbook.”

How Michelle Lin Went From NYU Dropout To Millionaire CEO

Michelle Lin was a NYU student with big ideas and an affinity for entrepreneurism. She left school to launch Live Love Polish. Two years later, at 24, Lin is the cofounder and CEO of multi-million dollar startup Live Love Polish, based in New York. I caught up with Lin in February, fresh off her Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition for her outstanding work in retail and ecommerce. Here’s her tale of success.

The Three Things You Should Do To Capture The Next Great Moment In Your Life

If I could tell a future entrepreneur to tape a mantra to their mirror this would be it – even when you’re winning. Prepare for your next great moment.

Buzzing With Success: Meet The Las Vegas BFFs Who CoFounded The Juice Standard

Best friends Jamie Stephenson and Marcella Williams launched the first organic juice bar in Las Vegas, The Juice Standard, after both had experienced the benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables.

Startup Funding For Dummies: A Crash Course In How Startups Raise Money

If you’re launching a startup and want to understand how raising capital works, we’re giving you the basics. Here’s a crash course in what you should know.

Leadership Lessons Every Startup Founder Should Know

La’Wana Harris went from small town girl to leadership in a Fortune 500 company. She gives Lioness readers leadership lessons to live by.